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Location Bill Category Detail Date
Maryland  MD HB 618  detail_detail.php?bill_locationPage=4&detail_ID=874 Hearing on MD HB 618 scheduled for Feb. 8  2/6/2018 
Massachusetts  MA SB 490  detail_detail.php?bill_locationPage=4&detail_ID=873 Activists pushing for passage of MA S. 490  1/11/2018 
Pennsylvania  PA SB 248  detail_detail.php?bill_locationPage=4&detail_ID=851 Contact member of PA Senate Judiciary Committee  11/6/2017 
Massachusetts  MA HB 418  detail_detail.php?bill_locationPage=4&detail_ID=850 Calls/letters/emails needed to Chairman of House Ways and Means Committee  10/26/2017 
USA  HR 1818  detail_detail.php?bill_locationPage=4&detail_ID=820 Contact House Resources Committee on HR 1818  7/18/2017 
Arizona  Mohave County 2017  detail_detail.php?bill_locationPage=4&detail_ID=798 Proposed circus animal ban under review  4/19/2017 

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